December 17, 2012 Agenda – City Council Meeting

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE I. CALL TO ORDER AND DETERMINATION OF A QUORUM Councilors: __ Haney __ Houdek __ Kohout __ Kirtz __ Mayor Hilgert II. APPROVAL OF AGENDA III. CONSENT AGENDA A. Regular Meeting Minutes of December 3, 2012 B. December Payables C. November Check Summary IV. NEW BUSINESS/DISCUSSION ITEMS A. Review of 2013 Budget […]

Snow Emergency Rules and Reminders

It’s the time of year when we can expect a snow emergency to go into effect at any given time.  Here are the general rules and good reminders to follow when a significant snowfall occurs. When the public streets of the City of Olivia become impassable and / or hazardous to the public due to […]