Olivia-AirportAirport Data for Olivia Regional Airport
Olivia, Mn
Field Elevation 1076′
Sectional Chart: “Twin Cities” (S)
Lat 44 Degrees 46.7′, Long 95 Degrees 02.2 Communication: CTAF 122.8
AWOS/ASOS (320) 523-5924 VHF 119.275 MPLS CTR 127.1

Runway Data
Runway 11-29
3,498′ x 75′
Surface: Asphalt

Airport Manager
Dale W. Hardy, 320-523-2186
MnWAS Location/Hours: Olivia Flying Service, Inc.-24 Hours

FBO(s) Olivia Aircraft
Fuel: 100LL
Courtesy Car Available upon Request

Fly to Olivia?  Visit the Olivia Chamber of Commerce Website for more area information!