Rental Agreement and Rules

The Olivia Community Center is “A Smoke-Free Building”!

Download-Rental-AgreementPlease follow these rules when renting the Olivia Community Center to ensure that your deposit is returned to you in full following your event. Thank you.

  • Make arrangements with City Hall to view the Community Center facilities at least one week before your event if you have questions about layout, accommodations, etc.
  • Pick up keys at City Hall the last business day before your event. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm.
  • Lift and carry tables and chairs when moving them. Use at least two people when setting up or taking down tables to prevent damage. When event is over, please return tables and chairs to their original place.
  • Secure balloons to keep them from floating to the ceiling or into the ceiling fans. Do not use any pins, tape, nails, signs, ads or decorations on walls. Please take down any decorations when your event is over.
  • Clean tables, chairs, vacuum floors, wipe up spills. Make sure kitchen floor and counters are clean. Dish towels and dish cloths are provided, please launder after use and return to City Hall. Brooms, mop and vacuum are in the hall closet. Dumpster is located on east side of center.
  • If using the dish sanitizer, please follow the instructions located in the cupboard above.  This is not a dish washer.
  • Shut off lights, lock all doors and turn down thermostat when you leave.
  • Notify City if out of supplies; i.e. paper towels, garbage bags, toilet paper, etc.
  • Please return keys to City Hall or City Drop Box the first business day following your event.

Download and Print the Community Center Rental Agreement and Rules (PDF)