Adopt A Hydrant

If your home or a neighbor’s home is on fire, would you prefer to see firefighters immediately connect their hoses and begin fighting the flames, or would you like to see them trying to locate and dig out a hydrant from a snow bank while your home goes up in smoke?

The City of Olivia needs your help in keeping fire hydrants, and the area around them, cleared of snow.  In the event of a fire in your area, valuable response time could be lost if the hydrant is not readily accessible.  Please adopt a hydrant near your home and keep it clear for easy access.  Consider teaming up with your neighbors and taking turns to make the task less burdensome.  You are also encouraged to be a good Samaritan and help those in our community who are physically unable to move snow from hydrants near them.

Thank you for doing your part in this small but extremely important project.

Hydrant In Snow Bank
Snow-bound hydrants increase risk of personal injury and property damage.

Hydrant Out of Snow Bank 2
Easily accessible hydrants contribute to rapid response time.