The City of Olivia Public Works Department will pick up your brush and tree trimmings on the last Friday of each month, from approximately May through October, depending on the weather and ground conditions.  NOTE:  In July, curbside brush pickup will be done on the Friday PRIOR TO  the “Corn Capital Days” celebration.

The following excerpt from the City Code describes details of the program:


(A)  Definition.  BRUSH for the purpose of this section, shall include branches or limbs smaller than 3 inches in diameter and clippings from hedges, bushes or other plants.  BRUSH constitutes those materials taken during trimming or pruning of vegetation from private property and/or boulevard areas.
(B)  Brush pick up.  On the last Friday of the month, the City Street Department will pick up free of charge brush which is piled at the curb of a property.  The brush must be piled neatly and no branches or tree trunks should be in the pile with diameters of more than 3 inches.  If the pile is of greater quantity than 1 truck load, the city will charge for additional loads.
(C)  Special pick ups.  If the property owner requests the pickup occur before or after the last Friday of the month, the city will pick up the load(s) of brush at the convenience of the Street Department.  The property owner will be charged a per load fee for special pick ups.
(D)  Personal tree and shrub/bush removal.  If a property owner removes (cuts down), either by themselves or by private contractor, a tree located on private property; the City Street Department will not pick up any branches, limbs, trunks or stumps associated  with the removal.  Nor will the city pick up whole shrubs/bushes removed from private property.  These types of removal are considered to be personal property and it is the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of those items.  However, the city will pick up these materials for a per load charge.
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