Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a lot of centrally located information that is invaluable for new (or lifelong) residents?
Right on this website!  Dropdown the City Services tab above and click on Resident Resource Center.

Where is camping available/allowed?
Camping in Olivia can be done at Memorial Park. There are six campsites available at this location. There are no electrical hook ups, but there are restrooms.  A dump station is available.  No reservations required or accepted.  No charge, but donation box is available.

Where can recreational vehicle’s park? Parking of Trailers is limited. No motor vehicles, as defined in the Minnesota Highway Traffic Act, to which a trailer is attached, nor any trailer detached from a motor vehicle, shall remain parked on any street, avenue, alley or boulevard in this municipality for more than four (4) hours continuously. Parking with in one block of the original place shall constitute parking in the same place.

Are building permits required?
(What you need them for) If you are planning new construction, garage, accessory building, an addition, deck, fence, or doing improvements such as siding or shingling, and in some cases when you are landscaping; you may need a building permit. Inspections are required for the following: after a building or addition have been staked out, before concrete is poured, after a building is framed and before roofing and siding is installed, after all plumbing has been installed, after sheet rock has been installed and before taping is done, after the building is completed and ready for occupancy. If you have questions, you may contact Darin Haslip # 507-351-4599, 320-226-5189 or email: dri101@live.com.  Also available to take your questions is Mary Jo Halliday at (320) 523-2361.  Building Permit Applications (& Instructions) .

Are there public parks available, and can they be reserved?
The City of Olivia has 8 parks available for our residents and surrounding community to use. They are Sunrise Park (East 2nd Street), Kubesh Park (Highway 71 South), Nester Park (South 9th Street), Henton Park (North 9th Street), Softball Park and Dirks Park (North 6th Street), Memorial Park Campground (adjacent to the corn monument along US Highways 212 & 71), West Park (South14th Street , just South of the new pond), and Rainbow Park (US Highways 212 & 71, across from the corn monument). Plan ahead and contact City Hall (320) 523-2361 to reserve a park for your event.  Reservations are free!

Who is the local cable company?
Mediacom and they can be reached at 1-800-332-0245.

Can citizens burn leaves?
City residents are permitted to burn leaves October 15th through November 15th between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 6:00p.m. Permits are required! Contact City Hall at 523-2361.

Is there a dog and cat ordinance?
Yes!  According to City Ordinance, the owner or caretaker of a dog or cat shall not permit the following: 1) allow an animal to run at large, 2) create a nuisance by loud barking, 3) allow the animal to litter on any property, 4) fail to clean up the animal excrement, 5) allow the animal to dig up or damage gardens, shrubbery, lawn or public property.

Do you need a license for snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles?
The City of Olivia has an Ordinance regulating snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. The vehicle must be insured, registered and equipped according to law. The owner must apply for an annual permit, issued by the City of Olivia and the operator must be at least 18 years of age and use proper safety equipment as required by law. It is unlawful to operate a snowmobile or all-terrian vehicle in the City of Olivia upon any sidewalks, boulevards, parks, golf course, parking lots, alleys, schools grounds, or airport property. They may be operated between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 10:00p.m., on streets and specially designated routes in the City and only on private property with the owner’s permission. Snowmobile & ATV Ordinance.

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