Clean Energy Choice


Clean Energy Choice Brochure Info for Website

You have a choice to serve more of your home’s electricity from renewable sources.  Part of the electricity you use each month comes from Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA).  But in 2016, only 17% of that power came from renewable sources.

The Clean Energy Choice program, offered by MMPA through the City of Olivia, gives you the opportunity to change that.  For a very small monthly charge added to your utility bill, you can choose to have 50%, 75%, or 100% of your electricity come from renewable sources.  The cost for 100% of your electricity to come from renewables is only $3.00 per month.  75% costs only $2.00 per month, and 50% is only $1.00 per month.

Subscribing to the Clean Energy Choice program is simple.  You can sign up yourself at  Or, print the attached brochure, complete it, and return it to City Hall.  There is no long term commitment to the program – subscription is monthly, so you can cancel at any time.