Water Heater and Air Conditioning Program

There is No Cost To You!

The City of Olivia will connect a controller on your electric water heater and/or central air conditioner.  This program helps conserve energy.

Get Credit on Utility Bills

Each month you will receive a $3.00 credit on your utility bill if you have your electric water heater controlled.  If you let us control your air conditioner, you get a $6.00 credit on your June, July, August, and September bills.

How Does It Work?

The City of Olivia will have a controller installed in your home and connected to your electric water heater and/or central air conditioner.  During periods of peak electric consumption in the city, the controller will receive a radio signal from a computer at city hall which will turn your unit off for 15-20 minute intervals.  Most customers don’t even know when their water heater or air conditioner is being controlled.

Any Other Benefits?

It helps reduce the amount of electricity the city uses during peak periods, which helps reduce our cost.  This helps keep your electric rates the most economical in the area!

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s easy. Download and print this PDF Application and return it to city hall.