Clean Energy Choice

The Clean Energy Choice program is now up and running.  For only $1.00 per month added to your utility bill, you can ensure that 50% of your household electricity comes from renewable sources.  $2.00 per month will provide 75% of your power from renewables.  Or you can choose to have 100% of the electricity you use each month come from renewables for only $3.00 per month!  There is no long term commitment required, either – you can cancel at any time.  Enrollment (or cancellation) in the Clean Energy Choice program is simple, too.  You can do it yourself at:  Or, print and complete the brochure and return it to Olivia City Hall.

If you were previously enrolled in the old Green Power program, your participation has been converted to this, less expensive program.

If you have any questions, call 320-523-2361 and Greg, Susie, or Sam will be happy to discuss the program with you.

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