Compost Site Open



City of Olivia Compost Site

 The City of Olivia Public Works Department operates a compost site, which is open to City of Olivia residents only.  It is located approximately a mile and a half West/Northwest of the Olivia Airport, at the intersection of 830th Avenue and 310th Street.

The site is normally* open 24/7 during the months May thru October

*Weather permitting, the site may open prior to May and/or stay open longer than October.  This will be determined by the Public Works Superintendent, based on ground conditions, etc.

Please remember the site is for grass clippings, vegetation, and small brush only.  If you bring these items out in bags, you must take the bags back with you.  We appreciate your cooperation!


Compost Site Benefits 

When the city trims trees, or picks up larger brush, they typically chip the larger wood. These woodchips can be taken from the compost site free of charge for use at your residence.

Winterize plants: by piling wood chips around the base of the plant. This provides an extra layer of insulation. 

Landscaping: wood chips are a great way to deter weeds from growing around your foundation or under trees where grass will not grow.

Public works will also periodically “turn” the compost piles to ensure the vegetation has the oxygen it needs to break down. You can also take the composted material free of charge.

Garden Fertilizer: Compost can be turned into the soil and makes great garden fertilizer.