Construction Project begins again

As community residents have probably noticed, the street construction project inspectors, crews, and city workers have been evaluating last year’s work and preparing for what needs to be done this year.  Overall, the work done has fared well over the winter.  There are areas that need restoration and/or repair.  The inspectors and crews are marking areas with bright pink paint which reminds me of my granddaughters’ sidewalk chalk work only a lot brighter.  If a resident has concerns about street or cement work in front of their house, either call or talk to the inspector, Jonas Svararsson at 320-429-0131 or contact city hall (523-2361) and the message will be relayed to him.  The underground work is primarily completed, but it is the remaining restoration and repair work that needs to be completed before the final asphalt can be done.  According to our contract, this final asphalt cannot be laid until June 15 or after.  This date is used because of weather and consistency of temperature for optimum results.  There will also be an evaluation done on boulevard restoration.  We will see how the grass is coming and if any additional work needs to be completed on boulevards.  With rain and sunshine all our grass including trees, flowers and residents’ gardens will start to flourish.