Corn Capital Days in planning

Sue, Tom, Tara, ErinThere is not much better on a February evening than meeting and planning Corn Capital Days.  It is a very pleasant reminder of warm, sunny Minnesota summers.  It is also a reminder of all the wonderful outdoor activities that take place during those 5 wonderful days of Olivia’s Corn Capital Days.  The first organizational meeting was held  February 26.  The next meeting will be Friday, March 22 at noon at Master’s.  The initial planning is taking place and first on the agenda is creating a slogan  and picking a Grand Marshall. I am asking for your help.  If you are one of those creative types that can spout ideas at the drop of hat, send them my way.  I am more challenged in this regard would appreciate any and all assistance.  I will pass along suggestions to the committee.  Also suggestions for who should be Grand Marshall are also appreciated, those also will be passed along.  Finally if anyone is interested in participating in the organizational committee for Corn Capital Days please let me know.  All help is always encouraged.  It takes many, many people to pull off this great celebration so please contact me if you would be willing to help in getting it organized.  Please contact me at  Finally it should be celebrated that through all the hard work of last year, Corn Capital Days is more financially solvent than it was last year.  Fundraising will continue and we appreciate any and all donations for our summer festival.  The fundraising efforts of last year will continue with the goal to ease any year-to-year shortfall.