Flood Damage Cleanup

A lot of Olivia residents were reminded on the evening of August 10th, that even a vastly improved infrastructure system has trouble handling over 9 inches of rain!  Many people ended up with flooded basements, and some had sewage backup.  While the City works to keep the water moving and alleviate the standing water and/or sewage, the residents are left with the mess.  The first step you should take is to contact your insurance company to report the damage and see if they require you to take any actions to prevent additional damage.  But how do you clean up after a mess like this?  The Renville County Public Health Department has provided some information that may help.  The following links will take you to brochures that are available for download:

Cleaning Up After A Disaster

Preventing and Solving Sewage Treatment Problems During A Flood

Dealing With Mold Problems After A Flood