Generous gift

Quilts from Cross of Calvary ladies

Thank you to the generous ladies of Cross of Calvary Church for the charitable donation of 14 quilts for the Olivia Community Center.  As you may remember, when the State closed Hwy 212 because of weather, stranded motorists spent the night at the Community Center.  It went well except the Center is not prepared for overnight visitors, no blankets, cots, pillows etc.  We are now more prepared because of this hospitable donation.  The armory will be used, but because it may take a little more time to get that facility open (permission from the governor), the community center will be a temporary location.  It is now a much more inviting place for those motorists coming in from the cold.  The armory is still the first go-to place for tornadoes or severe weather events which will start sometime in our much-delayed Spring.  Thank you to our Emergency Management Officer, Brian Stenholm and Officer Krumheuer for their efforts opening the Community Center and keeping the people there informed.  They do an excellent job keeping all our citizens, even if just passing through Olivia, safe.

I must be really wanting Spring, because the city is doing what I would refer to as spring cleaning with our City Codes.  There are some that need updating and a small number that could probably be eliminated.  Our city attorney will be making recommendations for these.  The Planning and Zoning Board will also study at least one of them.  When we have them in retooled and proper form there will be a public hearing.  At that time citizens can give the City Council their thoughts.  There may need to be revisions after the public hearing.  After the City Council approved the final documents, all the City Codes will then be posted to Olivia City website.  This will make it easy for anyone to view 24/7.

Happy Easter to everyone, even though our spring outfits may include a winter-like coat, gloves and scarf.