Olivia Residents Announcement

Community Members of the City of Olivia have volunteered to help the elderly and other high risk community members. They are providing a delivery service for any grocery orders that are made at B&D Market.

City of Olivia community members that are at higher risk are able to place their grocery orders every Monday and Thursday to B&D Market, at 523-1626 , for delivery the next day.  This allows B&D Market time to prepare your items, providing they are in stock.  The groceries that are ordered must be paid for over the phone as the delivery volunteers will not be handling any money. 

The deliveries will be made between 1pm – 3pm every Tuesday and Friday.  The volunteers will be delivering your groceries to your door and knocking on your door.  They will then back away from the door to follow social distancing guidelines. 

The program will continue for the duration of the stay at home order issued by the governor. 

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