Help Protect Your Water Line

The continuous extreme cold weather this winter has pushed the frost table lower than normal, resulting in frozen water service lines from the water main to individual homes.  You can help prevent your line from freezing by running a stream of water the size of a pencil lead throughout the day and/or night.  Or, you could run a full stream of water into a sink for 15-20 minutes periodically throughout the day, and before bedtime.  Similarly, flushing a toilet occasionally may be enough to prevent your line from freezing.  While the extra water used may result in a higher utility bill, it could be cheap insurance to prevent much more costly repair bills.

Unfortunately, even as the weather warms up, the frost table is pushed lower, so the risk of frozen service lines could continue for several weeks.  You can monitor the status of your water service line by using a thermometer to check the temperature of your cold water.  If it gets as low as 34 degrees, you should immediately begin implementing the steps listed above to try to prevent a potentially disastrous situation.