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The City Council held a work session at 6:00 P.M. Discussion items included Golf Cart Ordinance, Comprehensive Plan / BR&E, Utility Updates, Project Updates


Monday, April 5, 2021


The Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Olivia, Minnesota, was called to order by Mayor Hawkinson at 7:00 P.M.

Council Members Present: Jon Hawkinson, Blanca Ferguson, Tom Kalahar, George Ebbers and Landon Padrnos.

Others present: Dan Coughlin, City Administrator; Jason Krumheuer, Police Chief; Christi Weidemann, City Clerk; Aaron Walton, City Attorney (via Zoom – work session); Scott Tedrick, Renville County Register (via Zoom); Justin Alderman, Asst. City Attorney (via Zoom); Brian Stenholm, Police Officer (via Zoom); Sue Mages (via Zoom); Karen Serbus (via Zoom); and Katianne Briese (via Zoom).


Motion by Ebbers, second by Ferguson: to approve the Agenda as updated. Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Padrnos, second by Kalahar: to approve the presented Consent Agenda items:

  1. Regular Meeting Minutes of March 22, 2021
  2. Resolution 2021-20, Scheduled Step Increase for Jesse Zeitz
  3. Authorization to remove Sue Hilgert as Signatory and to appoint Mayor Jon Hawkinson to Serve as Signatory on all City Financial Accounts
  4. Nayax’s Sales Service Agreement for Bulk Water Purchasing at Water Treatment Plant
  5. Authorization for City Engineer to Seek Bids for 2021 Seal Coat Projects (Bid opening May 12)
  6. Affirmation of City’s Maintenance of Tort Liability Monetary Limits to LMC Insurance Trust
  7. Approval of In-Service Use of Force Learning Objectives for Peace Officers (POST APPROVED 1/28/2021)
  8. April Payables #1

Motion passed unanimously.

Public Utilities Commission Recommendations

Coughlin reported that Ameresco wasn’t able to get key people in place to get final touches on their draft for the presentation. Coughlin said both Ameresco and the City would rather wait than rush something forward. The presentation will be scheduled for the next Council meeting.

Administrative Assistant Position

Hawkinson said that with Johnson going back to the Pool Coordinator position City Hall will be looking to fill the Administrative Assistant position.

Coughlin reviewed a timeline for the hiring process. Coughlin said the deadline for application materials will be on Friday, April 23rd. Applications will be reviewed and scored by Klages, Weidemann, Lang, Councilor Ferguson and Coughlin. A skills test will be given by Miller. The interview committee will consist of Dale, Coughlin, Fuoss and Hawkinson.

Motion by Padrnos, second by Ebbers: to acknowledge and approve the upcoming hiring process for the Administrative Assistant position. Motion passed unanimously.

Resolution 2021-21, Call for Public Hearing on Proposed TIF District 1-11

Hawkinson said we need to have a public hearing regarding the TIF District. Coughlin said Jason Murry will handle all of the timelines, he just needs authorization to call for the hearing.

Motion by Ebbers, second by Kalahar: to approve Resolution 2021-21, Call for Public Hearing on Proposed TIF District 1-11. Motion passed unanimously.

City Department Virtual Tour: Olivia Fire Department

The Fire Department provided the Council with a virtual tour of their facility.

Public Forum

No comments were provided.

COVID-19 Update

Stenholm reported that things are status quo and COVID cases are still fluctuating. It was reported that vaccines are open to a wide variety of people and approximately 5000 people have their 1st dose and approximately 3500 have received both vaccines.

Hawkinson thanked Stenholm for his work the during the past year. Stenholm thanked Public Health for their work this past year.

LMC Regional Visit – March 31

Coughlin reported that the LMC was going to do cities visits but Administrator Nick Johnson from Fairfax suggested all communities meet at once. Coughlin said the group debriefed on the past year and talked about long term impacts of COVID.

Pool Board – March 31

Padrnos reported that Tracey Johnson will be returning to her pool coordinator position at the pool again.

Kalahar said the board talked about potentially expanding the position of pool coordinator, but the discussions were preliminary. Kalahar said the school board members are going to discuss at a school board meeting.

Corn Capital Days – April 5

Ebbers reported that all is still on track to have Corn Capital Days as normal and they are working on getting insurance set up with the Lions.

Coughlin reported that there will be fireworks on July 23rd around 10:00 P.M.

Parks and Trails Report

Coughlin said he is working with MnDOT on the HWY 71 project. Coughlin said they would like to see one key crossing area that his highlighted so that both pedestrians and motorists know that is where people come across. Coughlin said the conversation will start with Park Board at their April meeting.

Coughlin said there will be neighborhood meetings for the utility project and that key stakeholders and resources will be available for both utility project and MnDOT project.

Other Reports

Board of Equalization meeting April 19th at 6:00 P.M.


Motion by Kalahar, second by Padrnos: to adjourn the meeting at 8:19 P.M. Motion passed unanimously.

Brush pickup will begin in April every last Friday of the month til October please pile on curb or near an adjacent alley.
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