Odds ‘n’ Ends from Mayor

The Comprehensive Plan is moving forward and at the last meeting we received a Powerpoint presentation about the physical setting, demographics and economics of Olivia.  I’ve enclosed the link.  Olivia Comprehensive Plan May 13, 2013  It was very interesting and I encourage others to check out this information.  This information will be a valuable piece as the city moves toward developing plans for the future.  In order to move forward our community must understand its history, evaluate its present and create a vision for what it wants to be in the future.

A part of our future is now, as we have fish in our pond.  They went in on Friday, May 24 from the DNR.  It will be quite a treat to see how the fishing pond develops.  I know I look forward to “wetting my line” on a warm, sunshiny, summer afternoon.

The Parks Board also took a tour of the 8 city parks in Olivia.  We evaluated the equipment, use, space and how it fits into the city’s overall plan.  It was very informative and we all realized how lucky we are to have these unique facilities in our community.  Our city workers do an excellent job maintaining them.  There will be more discussion of our parks as we work to incorporate our latest, the pond area into the mix.