OPD Teams Up with AAA’s “I Got Caught” Program

Teen drivers are at greatest risk on the road due to inexperience, risk-taking behind the wheel, speeding and distracted driving.  Teens also have the lowest seat belt use rate of all age groups, according to AAA.

The Olivia Police Department has recently teamed up with the AAA’s “I Got Caught” program which encourages teens to buckle up!  Sheriff’s Offices and Police Departments throughout the State of Minnesota along with the Olivia Police Department hope to impact teen drivers positively with incentives for getting into the habit of buckling up while in a motor vehicle.  Local high school students caught buckling up will get music download cards, Dairy Queen treats or tickets to Nickelodeon Universe.  The goal of the program is to enhance roadway safety in particular for those at the greatest risk.

The rewards for “getting caught” will not be handed out during traffic stops, but will be given out when we come upon a teen that is buckled up.