Racial Equity


Recently I participated In the League of Minnesota Cities Board Retreat.  A large focus of that retreat was on Racial Equity.  This issue is front and center in our country, our state and if we are truly honest with ourselves. It has impacted each of our individual lives.  I believe it is impossible to grow up in the United States and not be affected by race.  Our study of history has had an impact on our understanding of race.  Until we acknowledged our lack of understanding of race at all levels of education in America, it will continue to be a problem for us.  This is an issue that cities alone cannot solve.  We are seeing the repercussions of ignorance in our streets today.  As individuals we can education ourselves.  There is an excellent PBS series titled Race: Power of an Illusion.  It is available digitally.  I was able to watch part of this prior to the retreat.  We all need to understand our personal bias in addressing race.  Everyone has it.  The League of Minnesota Cities Member Service Director, Kevin Frazell has begun working with 11 cohort cities, and the Government Alliance for Race and Equity to develop their own racial equity action plans.  This Initiative is nine months into its mission and feedback from city participates has been excellent.  The League of Minnesota cities has credibility and standing to help cities tackle these challenging issues.  These difficult discussions will have positive outcomes for citizens because without this education, there can be no movement toward solutions.  The City of Olivia is dedicated to good public policy for all citizens.  It is what makes good government work for everyone.  Let us never forget the core values of this country.