RC Hospital Project

RC Hospital

After having listened to the Hospital presentation about its building plans numerous times, asking lots of questions and chatting with a variety of people, I wholly support this project. The hospital was in a difficult predicament with the ages of their variety of structures. A new building is the answer. The preparation work has been done. It will also allow for growth, flexibility, and a healthcare commitment to Renville County. The city council, EDA, and city staff will work with the hospital board and administration in whatever manner we can to assist in this project. This endeavor and cooperation illustrates the optimistism of Olivia’s future and our willingness to work with any entity that shares that vision. It is indeed an exciting and challenging project and I look forward to it.

If you would like more information about this project, I encourage you to check out the RC Hospital and Clinic webpage http://www.rchospital.com/ .

If you have any questions, please call 320.523.8399 or contact via email at buildproject@rchospital.com.