Snow Emergency Rules and Reminders

It’s the time of year when we can expect a snow emergency to go into effect at any given time.  Here are the general rules and good reminders to follow when a significant snowfall occurs.

  • When the public streets of the City of Olivia become impassable and / or hazardous to the public due to the accumulation of snow, the City of Olivia shall have the authority to declare a snow emergency.
  • The purpose of a snow emergency shall be to alert the general public to the necessity of removing all automobiles from the streets so that maintenance crews may remove all snow and restore the streets to a passable condition unhindered by the presence of automobiles in the street.

The City of Olivia will use the official notification media to alert residents of a snow emergency including the website, email, local access cable channel, and the KOLV radio station.  When declaring a snow emergency the City of Olivia will declare the effective time when the emergency goes into effect at which time all automobiles must be removed from public streets and alleys.

Click Here for the complete Snow Emergency Ordinance details (PDF).