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Tracey Johnson, Pool Coordinator

The BOLD Community Pool, located in the BOLD High School building, is jointly owned by the City of Olivia and BOLD Schools.  A Joint Powers Board governs the use and maintenance of the pool, and Tracey Johnson is the Pool Coordinator.

320-523-1031 ext. 3152

BOLD Community Pool Policy for Pool Use Lap Swim

Pre-Register for Lap Swim at least 24 hours ahead using sign up genius. The lap swim time allotted per registration is 45 minutes.

Lap Swim Times

  • Morning: 5:45am-6:30am and 6:45am to 7:30am
  • Evening: 5:00pm to 5:45pm

If you pre-register for a lane and are a no-show you will be charged.

These are the rules we have in place now and could change as we move forward.

Please check your temperature for self-screening within 2 hours of arrival if it is greater than 100.0 F please, stay at home.

If you are feeling ill with COVID 19 symptom’s or combination of symptoms you will be asked to NOT enter the pool or building and/or please stay home.

Policy for Pool Use

  • Arrive in your suit and be prepared to swim to help reduce the number of people in the locker room.
  • Signs are posted explaining social distance rules/guidelines.
  • Social distancing at all times, both outside and in the building.
  • All swimmers and personnel are required to have face masks on to enter the building.
  • Enter through the locker room hallway door.
    • All health-related screening questions must be answered at the door entrance with the answer of NO in order to enter building.
  • Walking 6 feet apart, swimmers will enter through pool doors which will be propped open weather permitting.
  • All swimmers are to shower and use soap before entering the pool.  Two people are allowed to shower at a time.
  • Bathrooms are to be limited use.  One person at a time!
  • Hair dryers will not be available.
  • All locker rooms are limited use.
  • Swimmers/Patrons will then take their belongings to the deck (chair) or locker room bench (one per person) Max of 4.
  • Swimmers/Patrons must sit and slide entry into the pool.
  • Bags/Personal Items must be social distancing as well as swimmers. (Use chairs at the end of your lane).
  • No sharing of equipment.
  • No Diving Board use.
  • Swim down the middle of the lane on the black line.
  • Our regular pool rules and COVID 19 rules will be strictly enforced.
  • When the swimmers are done.  Swimmers will pick up their belongings and walk out the emergency exit door with masks on, again 6 feet apart. The preference is to have swimmers/patrons leave in their swimsuits when they are done if, needed limited use of locker room.
  • Staff will clean the pool area as well as all handles and/or anything that needs disinfecting in the 15 minutes time frame before the next activity starts or as needed.
  • The next activity will be sent in 5 minutes before, their activity begins.
  • Please inform the Pool Coordinator if you or any member of your household gets sick.
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