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The City of Olivia approved the following process for Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection on June 3rd, 2019. 


City of Olivia - DER Interconnection Process

Booklets – Anyone requesting interconnection information should review the Process Overview booklet and the appropriate Process booklet (2, 3 or 4)

  1. Process Overview
  2. Simplified Process (under 20kW capacity)
  3. Fast Track Process (see applicability within)
  4. Study Process (see applicability within)

Initial Procedural Forms

  1. Pre-application Report Request
  2. Pre-application Report
  3. Simplified Interconnection Application
  4. Standard Interconnection Application (for Fast Track and Study processes)
  5. Energy Storage Application

Supplemental Agreement Forms

  1. Supplemental Review Offer
  2. System Impact Study Agreement
  3. Facility Study Agreement
  4. Transmission System Impact Study Agreement

Final Agreement Forms

  1. Uniform Contract (under 40kW capacity)
  2. Municipal Minnesota Interconnection Agreement (over 40kW or upon customer request)
  3. MMPA Distributed Energy Tariff (over 40kW)
  4. City of Olivia Cogeneration and Small Power Production Tariff (under 40kW)
  5. Certificate of Completion

Additional Information

  1. MN TIIR (Technical Requirements)
  2. 2024 Fee Schedule
  3. MN Statute 216B.164 Cogeneration and Small Power Production
  4. MN Statute 216B.1611 Interconnection of On-Site Distributed Generation
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