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Patrol Officer Openings:

Patrol Officer Application 2023

The City of Olivia, (Population 2,337) is seeking 2 fulltime patrol officers. The department consists of a fulltime Chief of Police, a fulltime patrol Sergeant and 3 patrol officer positions. The current schedule is 2 days on and 2 days off every other weekend with the Patrol Sergeant working in the rotation.  Our City offers great medical benefits to include a City contribution to a HSA. We have recently received a 9.059 percent COLA increase as well as paid call time for officers.

Our department is seeking individuals who are interested in furthering their skills and becoming instructors in Use of Force, Taser, firearms instructor handgun and long gun etc. The department will also be requesting modality pay for officers who have certifications or attain them for the above instructor positions.

Traditionally, we are a small enough department that we are able to adjust schedules within the department to accommodate short notice time off requests. We also have a very healthy overtime budget for anyone wishing to earn extra money.

This position is for those who have a drive and desire to be actively patrolling as well as investigating crimes in Olivia. We also participate in Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) campaigns.

Flexibility with schedules is probably our biggest asset for officers who work in this department as we all want time off.  

Along with very strong wages, we are offering a hiring bonus for applicants who complete FTO training as well as longevity bonuses.

Officers who are hired and complete our FTO program satisfactorily will receive a hiring bonus of $500.00 upon completion and recommendation of the FTO Training officer.

Officers will receive a step increase @ 6 months upon their completion of service with a satisfactory review.

Officers will also receive a bonus of $1,000.00 after completion of 12 months consecutive employment with a positive review.  

Upon completion of 2 years of fulltime employment, officers who have received positive annual reviews, will also receive a bonus in the amount of $2,500.00.

The City’s 2023 pay scale range is as follows with an 8 step increase as well as COLA increase annually.

Patrol Officer: Grade 10

Step 0: $28.80

Step 8: $38.40

Lateral transfers may be considered depending on qualifications and training.

Positions open til filled.

Emergency Manager

The City of Olivia is accepting applications for a Emergency Manager position. Primary duties of
this position include: performs broad, varied duties within the realm of preparing for, handling
of, disasters/incidents. These include but are not limited to: human caused disasters/incidents,
natural disasters/incidents and health pandemics/incidents. Required to update necessary plans,
supplies, communicate with the public and city of upcoming disasters/incidents. Required to operate
computer equipment, produce documents, and all related duties as required. Minimum Qualifications
Experience in the field of emergency services (ex. Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement,
etc.) preferred with First Responder Certification and a general understanding of ICS. Upon being
appointed, the Emergency Manager shall train in First Aid, CPR and ICS and begin working and make
continuing progress towards completion of the MN Emergency Management Director’s Certification, if
not already possessed.
Please submit your cover letter, resume and application by 12:00 p.m. on February 17, 2023.

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