Olivia Fire Department


Tim Seehusen

Fire Chief
Tim has been a member of the Olivia Fire Department since 1990, he has been Chief since 2009.
Olivia has a complete fire and rescue department. It is manned by local, well-trained volunteer fire fighters who are known for their fast response time.
If you are interested in joining our Fire Department please fill out the application below.
Fire Department Truck Olivia MN

Olivia Ambulance Service

Olivia Ambulance Service is a private, non-profit organization serving the community with trained EMT certified volunteers.

EMERGENCY – Dial: 911

For Patient Billing Inquiries
Call Julie Wertish (320) 523-5565

PO Box 97
Olivia MN 56277
Local Phone: (320) 523-1161

Ambulance Crew - City of Olivia
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