Greetings from the Olivia Police Department.  Our goal is to develop a partnership with the citizens in an effort to provide a safe environment and to serve the community following the direction given by the City Council.

Police Blue American Flag

The Olivia Police Department is located in the Renville County Government Center across from the historic Renville County Court House on 5th Street South.

Our Mailing Address:
105 South 5th Street, Suite #245
Olivia, MN 56277

Other Contact Info:
Office Phone (320) 523-2700
Fax (320) 523-2772


Jason Krumheuer

Chief of Police
Jason is a Ridgewater graduate with an AAS Degree in Law Enforcement. He started his career in Watonwa County, MN as a Corrections Officer, Dispatcher and Deputy. He has been working in the Renville County area since 2004. He is also a certified Drug Recognition Evaluator. Prior to becoming a Peace Officer he was a non-commissioned officer in the USAF serving in many foreign countries including Iraq during the Gulf War.

John Sandgren

Assistant Chief of Police
John has been with the Olivia Police Department since November 1995. He attended Ridgewater Community College where he received an AS degree in Criminal Justice. He has been Assistant Chief since 2009, and he was also acting Chief from November 2011 to January 2013.

Brian Stenholm

Patrol Officer & Emergency Management Director
Brian started his law enforcement career in the City of Renville in 2001 as a school liaison officer and patrol officer. In June 2003 he joined the Olivia Police Department. He attended MSU Mankato where he received a Bachelors degree in Law Enforcement. In addition to his duties as a patrol officer he also works as the community liaison for the National and State Safe and Sober Program and he is the local Civil Defence Director.

Aaron Clouse

Patrol Officer
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