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The Salvation Army “HeatShare” Program

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HeatShare Fast Facts

HeatShare is a Salvation Army program that provides emergency utility assistance for people with no place left to turn. Funds are used to pay for energy costs for seniors, disabled and families in crisis. The program has been active since 1982 and helped 4200 families in Minnesota last year with $1 million in assistance. HeatShare is offered at The Salvation Army corps.

HeatShare is a last resort for people who’ve exhausted all other private and government assistance programs. Although HeatShare does not receive government funding, the amount of government funds available for other heating assistance programs directly impacts HeatShare. When funding for these other programs runs out, more people need HeatShare. Call 1-800-842-7279  or  see if you qualify.

Donate to HeatShare

If you wish to contribute, send a donation to the City of Olivia with your utility payment or to:

The Salvation Army
2445 Prior Ave.,
Roseville, MN 55113

You may also donate on-line.

All donations are tax deductible and will be used in the Olivia area.

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