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Cold Weather Rule

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Minnesota Statute 216B.096:  COLD WEATHER RULE.

The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule helps protect residents from having their electric service turned off during the cold weather season, October 1 - April 30, if they meet the income eligibility guidelines.  During this period you have certain rights and responsibilities; it's important that you know both.

  • You have the RIGHT to declare your inability to pay your entire utility bill.  If you do so, you must enter into a payment schedule with the City to maintain your service.

  • You have the RESPONSIBILITY to complete and return the Inability to Pay form on the Cold Weather Protection flyer.

  • You have the RIGHT to enter into a mutually acceptable payment schedule with the City.  (The schedule may be arranged by your Third Party, if you designated one on the Cold Weather Protection flyer).

  • You have the RESPONSIBILITY to make payments as agreed or promptly notify the City why you cannot keep the agreement and request a change to the schedule.  Any change is subject to the City's approval.

  • You have the RIGHT to request that the City notify a Third Party if your service becomes subject to disconnection.  The Third Party may discuss your account with the City and may enter into a payment scheduled on your behalf.

If you need help paying your electric utility bills, you may qualify for state or federal fuel assistance;  you may contact one of the following agencies:

Renville County Human Services
105 S 5th Street, Suite 203h
Olivia, MN 56277


United Community Action Partnership
1635 W Lincoln Ave, Suite 3 & 6 Olivia, MN 56277


The Salvation Army Heat Share Program

521 4th Street SW
Willmar, MN


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