The Olivia Economic Development Authority is now offering new build-ready residential lots for sale along Fairview Avenue West.

Please contact Susie Lang at (320) 523-1055 or for more details and sales information.  Builder/developer inquiries welcome.

Susie Lang
Economic Development Director

1009 W. Lincoln Avenue
Olivia, MN 56277


Scheduled Board Meetings Meetings are held at noon on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Confirmation of scheduled meetings and meeting location is posted on the City Hall front door.

EDA Mission Statement: To promote, preserve and expand the economy of Olivia and Renville County through quality, affordable housing and creating new jobs in value added agriculture, manufacturing, the service industry and retail by retention and expansion.

Residential Lots For Sale At Fairview Estates!

The EDA has defined the following goals and hereby reaffirms and recommits to:

Olivia EDA Goals

Goal #1 Improve the community as a retail and service center by expanding the commercial base, and promote redevelopment activities in the central business district and along Highway 212. Strategies:

  • Identify specific redevelopment projects to reduce substandard building conditions.
  • Encourage improvements to area businesses through the EDA Revolving Loan Program.
  • Identify and pursue complimentary businesses for the community.

Goal #2 Effectively market and promote the community as a place to do business and live. Strategies:

  • Continue community wide marketing campaign "Grow With Us" in cooperation with the Chamber.
  • Use the Olivia web site and web sites for greater visibility.
  • Actively participate in the planning and development of the Corn Capital Trust.
  • Work with the Health Care delivery systems to promote Olivia as a health care destination.

Goal #3 Maintain existing quality of health services available; support expansion and addition of needed community health service assets. Strategies:

  • Support the development of the proposed dialysis clinic (joint venture between Davita, RC Hospital u0026amp; Clinics, and Nephrologists) either financially and/or administratively (to insure a timely retrofit and new construction within existing clinic building).
  •  Work with RC Hospital Marketing Department to promote local utilization of local health care services (long-term, home health, hospice, hospital u0026amp; clinic) given excessive market share leakage of medical care services to surrounding communities.  Perhaps funding could be made available (direct and/or grant) that our shared organizations could access to address said leakage and how it could be corrected (as such public queries and detailed information as performed by a reputable vendor are often an expensive affair).  Information can then lead to the development and execution of creative strategies designed to recapture market share distortions (that have developed over the past 20+ years) leading to improved volumes, financial viability, service growth, and subsequent job creation.
  • Work with Golden Living Center (corporate or other long term care entity) to encourage the consolidation of beds from existing underperforming long-term care facilities to fund the construction and long-term sustainability of a new long-term healthcare facility near the new medical center (co-location unlocks service-line synergies and creates new opportunities for an underserved population).  Said environment would certainly lead to additional local job creation as additional patients would look to stay within our service area (instead of relocating to Willmar, etc.).  Could combine with a deep dive into mental health combinations.
  • Work with the Olivia Ambulance, law enforcement (County and local), County Emergency Preparedness, Public Health, Human Services, and RC Hospital to develop Community Paramedic model (designed to address the day-to-day care needs of our most vulnerable population – i.e. Medicaid mental health home bound patients, etc.).
  • Support the development of new service line opportunities (e.g. MRI, telehealth, outreach, etc.) and provider recruitment (e.g. proper high-end housing, etc.).

Goal #4 Create quality value-added employment opportunities in agricultural, industrial and retail/service businesses. Strategies:

  • Maintain an inventory of available commercial/industrial buildings and sites(area real estate professionals are working on assembling such a list).
  • Promptly respond to business and developer inquiries about available sites and other pertinent information.
  • Look for opportunities for locally owned companies to expand. Visit with businesses about ancillary services provided by outside vendors that could be more economically served in Olivia.
  • Work with business leaders on Olivia's business and cultural amenities and ask about potential business they would like to see in Olivia.
  • Encourage and support local entrepreneurs by providing business planning and financial resources.
  • Continue to focus on value added agricultural businesses including livestock.

Goal #5 Promote the development of quality, affordable housing in order to serve the needs of the community. Strategies:

  • Encourage the down payment/closing cost assistance program through the local banks and realtors.
  • Work with Renville County HRA/EDA on housing for the low to moderate income households.
  • Acquire and develop buildable lots to promote diversified housing stock. (i.e. duplex/single level housing plus market rate and entry level housing.)
  • Work with area housing agencies to maintain a variety of owner occupied housing options.
  • Find funding alternatives for apartment and mobile home rehabilitation.

Goal #6 Enhance communication systems for the business and residential users. Strategies:

  • Work in promoting the needs for high-speed Internet access and enhanced telecommunications.
  • Understand the needs and concerns of various providers
  • Work with other groups promoting needs and consequences to the State Legislature and Governors office
  • Visit and survey area businesses on the need for better communications (i.e. internet, phone and cable).
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