Cold Weather Rule

Minnesota Statute 216B.096:  COLD WEATHER RULE.

The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule helps protect residents from having their electric service turned off during the cold weather season, October 15 – April 15, if they meet the income eligibility guidelines.  During this period you have certain rights and responsibilities; it’s important that you know both.

You have the RIGHT to declare your inability to pay your entire utility bill.  If you do so, you must enter into a payment schedule with the City to maintain your service.

You have the RESPONSIBILITY to complete and return the Inability to Pay form on the Cold Weather Protection flyer.

You have the RIGHT to enter into a mutually acceptable payment schedule with the City.  (The schedule may be arranged by your Third Party, if you designated one on the Cold Weather Protection flyer).

You have the RESPONSIBILITY to make payments as agreed or promptly notify the City why you cannot keep the agreement and request a change to the schedule.  Any change is subject to the City’s approval.

You have the RIGHT to request that the City notify a Third Party if your service becomes subject to disconnection.  The Third Party may discuss your account with the City and may enter into a payment scheduled on your behalf.

If you need help paying your electric utility bills, you may qualify for state or federal fuel assistance;  you may contact one of the following agencies:

Renville County Human Services, 105 S 5th Street, Suite 203h, Olivia, MN  56277, (320-523-2202)

United Community Action Partnership, 500 E DePue Avenue, Olivia, MN  56277, (320-523-1842)

The Salvation Army Heat Share Program, 521 4th Street SW, Willmar, MN  (800-220-4860)

CLICK HERE to download the Cold Weather Protection flyer and application.