Comprehensive Plan

As someone who lives, works and/or relaxes in Olivia, what would you envision our city to be like 20 years from now?  What will be the same, what will have changed?  How did it happen?  These are questions City leaders and the public are answering through a series of public meetings held as part of the City’s Comprehensive Planning process.  The purpose of the meetings is to begin charting the course for the City over the next 20 years.  Everyone living, working, or recreating in the Olivia area is invited and encouraged to attend.  Olivia Mayor Sue Hilgert says, “The meetings are an opportunity for people to come together, take a look at the area and work together to chart the future course of Olivia.”

The meetings will feature small group discussion and participation in a visual preference survey.  Topics addressed will include future land use in growth areas, attracting redevelopment investment in areas that need sprucing up and protecting stable neighborhoods.  Recreational opportunities, parks and community services will also be addressed.  City Administrator Dan Coughlin says, “Linking the present and future of Olivia requires hard work and broad-based input from the community.  This meeting is not about wishful thinking, it’s about how we make our community’s desired future a reality.”  Mayor Hilgert adds, “Every community member may have different interests and opinions, but we all interact in a common area.  Therefore, everyone has a stake and interest in making our shared community the type of area we want.”

For more information please contact the City at 320-523-2361, or the comprehensive plan update facilitator, Cynthia Smith-Strack with Municipal Development Group at  888-763-4462.

JUNE 24th, 2013: The fourth comprehensive planning meeting was held on Monday evening, June 24, 2013, at 7:00 p.m.  Cynthia Smith-Strack with the Municipal Development Group again facilitated the meeting, and presented the following draft/working documents:  1) Community Facilities map, 2) National Wetland Inventory map, 3) Soils map, and 4) a draft document entitled “2 Background”.  All present reviewed the maps and discussed the background information.  The group was asked to give feedback that would help necessary to maintain small town atmosphere, to retain and attract businesses, to enhance the quality of life, to retain or attract youth, to give a technology assessment and to map the existing land use.   Everyone was encouraged to find at least five people to take the online survey, which will provide a wide variety of individual visions for the future of Olivia.

MAY 13, 2013:  The Comprehensive Plan is moving forward and the last meeting included a Powerpoint presentation about the physical setting, demographics and economics of Olivia.  A link to the presentation is included below.    The slideshow was very interesting and everyone is encouraged to check out this information.  This information will be a valuable piece as the city moves toward developing plans for the future.  In order to move forward our community must understand its history, evaluate its present and create a vision for what it wants to be in the future.

Link to Powepoint presentation:  Olivia Comprehensive Plan May 13, 2013