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City Council minutes 3/6/2023

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Monday, March 6, 2023 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Council Members Present: Jon Hawkinson, Blanca Ferguson, Matt Baumgartner, George Ebbers and Landon Padrnos.

Others present: Aaron Walton, City Attorney; Jason Krumheuer, Police Chief; Mary Jo Halliday, Interim City Administrator; Tim Seehusen, Fire Chief; Steve Altmann, Fire Department; Kevin Moorse, Fire Department; Clint Olson, Fire Department; Travis Lubitz, Fire Department; Todd Howard, resident; Jodi Gilberts, Administrative Assistant; Christi Weidemann, PD Administrative Assistant (via zoom); Jasmine Miller, Deputy Clerk.

Fir e/ Police/ Cit y Hall Future Plans
Mayor Hawkinson shared that he visited wit -h t he Cit y.of H enville’s City Administrator, Shane and was invited to tour their remodeled space. The Council discussed the assessment of needs for the Fire Departments, where members in attendance discussed their concerns with the following items; generator, electrical, ventilation, meeting space, additional bays and garage doors. The Police Chief
expressed the needs of his department to be; secure area for evidence, adequate office space, a two­ stall garage and interview room: Hawkinson reminded the Councilthat discussion needs to be had with the Finance Director and Jason Murray to discuss numbers moving forward. Hawkinson invited the
Council to join him in touring the Renville City Hall.


Monday, March 6, 2023


The Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Olivia, Minnesota, was called to order by Mayor Hawkinson at 6:02 P.M.
Council Members Present: Jon Hawkinson, Blanca Ferguson, Matt Baumgartner, George Ebbers and Landon Pad rn os.
Others present: Aaron Walton, City Attorney; Jason Krumheuer, Police Chief; Mary Jo Halliday, Interim City Administrator; Jodi Gilberts, Administrative Assistant; Ross Okins, Renville County Register; Perry Jahnke, resident; Todd Howard, resident; Richard Parr, SEH (via zoom); Guest (via zoom), Jasmine Miller, Deputy Clerk

Mayor Hawkinson temporarily suspended the regular meeting and opened the public forum at 6:02 P.M. He clarified the amount of time allocated for public comments and the decorum expectations for those who participate in the Public Forum.
No public comments were offered so Mayor Hawkinson reopened the regular meeting at 6:03 P.M.


Motion by Ferguson, second by Baumgartner: to approve the agenda. Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Padrnos, second by Ebbers: to approve the consent agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

• Regular Meeting Minutes of February 6, 2023
• Resolution 2023-34, Annual Step Increase for Aaron Clouse
• February Disbursements


SCSC Proposal Update
Motion by Baumgartner, second by Padrnos: to move forward with the City Administrator Recruitment Package set forth by SCSC. Motion passed unanimously.
Hawkinson directed council to review the materials provided in the packet. Baumgartner stated he felt like SCSC was qualified to perform the search. Details of the proposal were discussed by the Council.
Halliday stated she called references and the City of Gaylord shared that they enjoyed working with Mike and Halliday highlighted some of the positive feedback.

RO System Final Design
Parr provided an updated on the project reminding the council that this project is a result of a water quality based effluent limit from 2020. The wastewater facility needs to meet a new limit for the chlorides as a result of the test.
In early 2022 the City contracted with SEH and to do a RO study. The pilot study provided a guide based on the water quality. MPDS permit
Plans and specifications for the RO addition needs to be submitted to MPCA to meet the MPDS permit requirement for the wastewater treatment plant. The proposal in front of council is for taking it to the next step allowing SEH to provide the plans and specs to MPCA to meet the permit requirements.
Baumgartner clarified that there is a state mandate that requires the City to do the project. Parr said the City had three options: centralized softening, relocation of the outfall and requesting a variance. Parr reiterated that removing the chlorides from the wastewater treatment plant is the most common option. If the city does not wish to go forward, they would have to pay penalties and pay MPCA penalties for not following through with the permit. Baumgartner asked what the penalties would be.
Parr reminded the Council that the City had committed to proceed with the RO system and it is written into the permit. In addition to the penalties for not meeting the permit limit we would need to have a discussion with MPCA about what the penalties are for not meeting the compliance schedule that was agreed to in the City’s MPDS permit. If we don’t do anything to address the issue, we can expect the penalties to be harsher. Halliday asked Parr what needed to be done before March 31. Parr confirmed that the plans and specs need to be submitted, but stated he has been in communication with the MPCA regarding the City of Olivia’s RO system project. Parr clarified that plans and specs need to be submitted within 90 days of the March 31st deadline. Hawkinson invited Perry Jahnke, resident and local business owner, to address the Council. Jahnke stated he would need to gather more information and address the Council at a later date.

No additional items or new business items were presented.


Other Report s of Council / Staff
Baumgartner shared that he attended the LMC training and enjoyed it. Hawkinson shared that the Corn Capital Days committee met and they are working on new concepts to include a five-act play. Raffle tickets will be available soon and the parade route will change due to the DePue Avenue project.

No additional reports were presented.

• Employment Opportunities Posted Publicly (Patrol Officer).

No additional notices or communications were presented.

Hawkinson called for a motion to close the meeting pursuant to MN Statute 13D.05 subd. 2(b) and MN Statute 13D.0S subd. 2(a)(2) to start the conversations around preliminary considerations of allegations against an individual subject to our authority. Motion by Ebbers.
Police Chief Krumheuer approached the Council and objected to the motion stating proper notice was not given during the posting, the complainant was not notified of the complaint and individuals within the organization have shared information they should have not shared and it is a violation of whoever this is against or considered against. Krumheuer also stated if an individual is involved in this and also representing the City it is a conflict of interest.
Hawkinson asked Walton if the Council was legally able to close the session given the testimony. Walton responded that he was not consulted on the closed session but he will answer the question and stated the Council can note the objection and proceed with the closed meeting. Walton also stated he was not aware of what notices had been given. Padrnos asked if the proper notice was given. Council members also shared that they are not aware of what the topic of the closed session was about. Halliday addressed the Council and shared that she has had conversations with the League of Minnesota Attorney’s and this was the process that they have directed us to proceed with closing the meeting. Halliday stated that we were informed that at this step we could close the meeting without giving notice to the person. Ebbers rescinded his motion. Padrnos requested a 5 minutes recess at 6:37.

Hawkinson reopened the meeting at 6:48.


Motion by Baumgartner, second by Padrnos: to adjourn the meeting at 6:48 P.M. Motion passed unanimously .

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