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Dual Fuel Heating Program

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Please read the following information carefully. By completing, signing, and returning the Dual Fuel application to our office, you agree to participate in the program, in accordance with the guidelines.


  • Availability

    The availability of the load management program is at the discretion of the City of Olivia, and as such is subject to review, modification, and elimination at any time without prior notification of existing or pending customers.

  • Service

    All customers who wish service under this load management policy must sign an application for service. The application is a contract insuring that the customer conforms with all the regulations of the City of Olivia.

  • Affidavit

    All qualifying customers applying for service must file an affidavit with the City of Olivia. This affidavit will require inspection by the State Electrical Inspector and the blue copy turned into the City of Olivia must be signed.

  • Tampering

    Any service that has been tampered with so as to defeat the intent of the load management regulation, shall result in additional customer charges or discontinuation of credits or special rate. The City of Olivia may also back charge the customer at the customer’s current regular applicable rate back to such time of tampering as may be evidenced or determined by the City of Olivia.

  • Liability

    The City of Olivia shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by normal interruption of service through load management.


All permanently connected electric space heat with a 7,500 watt minimum capacity will, at the option of the City of Olivia, be controlled by the City’s electrical load management system.

Under the Dual Fuel heating program, customers utilize permanently connected electric space heat with a 7,500 watt minimum capacity as their primary heating source. A secondary heating source that is capable of continuous, automatic operation must also be available to provide total heating requirements during controlled periods. The secondary heating system must be propane, oil, natural gas, electric thermal storage heat, or properly sized electric floor storage heat systems. All secondary heating systems must be approved by the City of Olivia prior to qualification of the customer for this rate.

Qualifying customers will be required to have an additional meter to measure dual heating electric energy used. The City of Olivia’s service meter and the dual heat meter must be mounted on the outside of the building.

The dual heating meter and controller will be furnished by the City of Olivia. The customer shall furnish all other equipment including the primary and secondary heating systems and all of the electrical wiring and equipment necessary to permit switching of controlled electric loads.

Upon the customers installation of permanently connected electric space heat, the City of Olivia shall cause to be installed a load management controller which will enable the heat to be controlled by the City of Olivia during peak system usage periods.

Upon program application by the customer, and after final inspection of installation of the permanently connected electric space heat and load management controller, the City of Olivia will sell this energy at 40% per kilowatt hour below the rate structure. This discount will be applied as a credit to the regular monthly utility bill through the heating season (from the November 1st through May 1st).

If you agree to participate in the Dual Fuel Heating program and observe all of the guidelines described above, please complete, sign and return the application to the City of Olivia, 1009 West Lincoln Avenue, Olivia, MN 56277.

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