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ATV Permits

There are certain requirements and limitations if you would like to operate an ATV in the City of Olivia.  First, the vehicle must be properly licensed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and titled through Renville County.  The City of Olivia only issues a permit to the operator of an ATV.   If you have an ATV that more than one person will operate in Olivia, each operator must have their own permit from the City.

ATV owners and operators are all responsible for knowing, understanding, and compliance with Olivia City Code, Title VII, Chapter 70.010, especially the section on permissible uses of an ATV in the City of Olivia.  In part, it states that ATVs may only be driven between your home and your place of employment, by the most direct route.  They may not be operated in the central business district (downtown).

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