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Radio & TV

The only “local” radio station is KOLV (100.1 FM), which began in Olivia and is now part of the Lakeland Broadcasting Group in Willmar.  KOLV operates under the name Big Country 100.1.   They still maintain a local studio in Olivia and occasionally  broadcast remotely from here.   KOLV/Big Country 100.1 is also the official station for snow emergency announcements in the winter months.

Available programming for TV in Olivia includes the two big satellite companies, Dish Network and Direct TV, along with the local cable TV franchise, Mediacom.

Another available option is digital UHF TV.  The Renville County TV Corporation provides twenty-one digital channels of programming, including seven in high definition (HD).  Their broadcast tower is located one mile west of Bird Island, so an inexpensive antenna should be all you need to watch TV.  (Renville County TV Corporation asks viewers for an annual payment of $60 to help maintain their equipment - that's only $5 per month!)

Of course, there are also several streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others,  that provide TV programming via your internet connection.

Direct TV
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Dish Network
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