*2018 rebate funds have been depleted. Please check back after Jan, 1st 2019 to see if funds are available.*

Residential Rebates:  The City of Olivia offers rebates to residential customers who purchase and install new, ENERGY STAR® appliances and lighting.  Rebates are also available when you recycle your refrigerator or freezer, tune up your central air conditioner, or get a home energy audit.  See rebate application for details.  Applications are available below, on the City website, or may be picked up at the City Office.

2018 Residential Rebate Forms
2018 Appliance & Recycling Rebate Application
2018 Quality Install Central AC/Air Source Heat Pump Rebate Application
2018 Central A/C Tune-Up Rebate Application
2018 Residential LED Rebate Application


Business Rebates:  The City of Olivia offers rebates to business customers who install energy efficient lighting, variable speed drives, and vending machine controllers.  See rebate forms for details.  Applications are available online or may be picked up at the City Office.

2018 Business Rebate Forms
2018 Vending Machine Controller Rebate Application
2018 Lighting New Construction Rebate Application
2018 Lighting Retrofit Rebate Application
2018 Variable Frequency Drive Rebate Application

For information on Custom projects, please contact the City of Olivia.