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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  Pond Park demonstrates the wisdom of this old adage.  When the City undertook a large infrastructure project in 2012, we were required to create a storm water holding pond to accommodate large rainfalls, etc.  Through the vision and dedication of several local residents and city officials, this “storm pond” evolved into Olivia’s 11th park, aptly named Pond Park.  There is a fountain in the pond and a natural playground adjacent to it.  The park also includes a dock to facilitate safe fishing in the pond, which is stocked with fish by the MN Department of Natural Resources.  Renville County Soil; Water Conservation District and the Renville County Chapter of Pheasants Forever donated prairie grass and wildflowers, which they planted in the undeveloped land adjacent to the pond.  Olivia Public Works Department personnel maintain a grass walking path around the pond, and they built several benches  around the pond where anyone can sit, rest, and enjoy the beauty of this park.  The wildlife has also discovered this area, and you’re likely to see any number of birds and small animals while you enjoy this sanctuary. 

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